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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kek Pisang Villa

Discount 10% Make Workers and Civil Servants

BATAM, Kek Pisang Villa is souvenirs typical of the city of Batam. Foods that became icons of Batam in the field of this cuisine, introducing two new products namely Pandan Great Cheese and Chocolate.

Pain is produced by both pekanan this, no less delicious with previously produced. Goddess CEDAW Marketing Manager said two latest products are designed to pamper the consumer tongue and adds flavor variations.

"For Cheese Pandan far more green color with a sprinkling of cheese on it," he said.

Besides introducing new products, Kek Pisang Villa also provides discounts for the workers of PT Batamindo by 10 percent. There are no special requirements to get a discounted price. "How easy, they just show KADnya only, and it can be done at the outlet is located in the area,".

Not only the workers of PT Batamindo who get discounts, civil servants were also given a special price if you want to enjoy this Kek Pisang Villa. "For employees Pemko Batam Authority and can be purchased at Penuin. Remains the same cuts of 10 percent, "he said when met at his workplace which is situated at. Imam Bonjol Block F No. 51 (next to the Plaza hotel Nagoya) Nagoya.

Problems barsaing enough price, only with money Rp35 thousand, banana-based food is that you can take home. Artists such as Dian Satro capital, band The Changcuter, and several other artists who visited Batam often buy these foods for hand made pieces. "It also can be made by-by for the citizens of the newcomers, because this cake can last for five days," he said, smiling.

There are 12 variants of other flavors in the production, that is original, the Choco Banana, Choco Mede with Fla, Blueberry Banana, Mocha with Peanut Cream, Banana Blaster, Cheese Banana, Banana Blackforest, Mede Choco Banana, Banana Kaya Pandan, Pandan Cheese Banana, and Pandan Original Banana.

Well for you who want to experience or make it as a fruit pekanan hand, can visit outlets Kek Pisang Villa is located in Batu Aji, Penuin, Batam Cem = ntre, Airport and Nagoya. Secured all by-products by the Batam Special 100% HALAL. (AMS)

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